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Welcome to Bandolero Racing News.

This site has something for everyone. The links on the left of the main page will show you the latest news, results, links, and Points. This is where you will find the updated information about the Bandolero racing. It is an online News Report to help you stay abreast of all the excitement of Bandolero Racing Nationwide. To make it better will post all news and any ideas you may have here but we'll need your help. Being a former official of Quarter Midget Racing in New England and loved every minute of it, We moved South to work on a Nascar Busch Team that no longer is running. We had started our Son racing Bandolero and I found no special website to read about the other Bandolero drivers. I always loved kids in racing and now I found a new way to make the Kids the Super Stars. Everyone has a Winston Cup or Busch or Truck series website but nothing for Kids that race as hard on the track as the Pro's. This Website is Dedicated to all those who race in Bandolero's for they are Super Stars. I have met some great families and made some great friends since we have started and Our sport needs more attention if we are to make it bigger. I work and devote my time on this website like or Mike at Stockcarfans do everyday.

These two webmasters have helped me to do the same thing but Only for the Bandolero's drivers because they take care of the rest of the racing world and enjoy what they do. I hope, with your help, we can give the Kids there own "Place of Fame" and that it will help them in getting sponsorship. Now with that said, If you have information that will help your favorite Bandolero racers, please send us an e-mail so we can post it here.

If your team is getting a new sponsor or moving up in class or changing the color of your Bandolero, or to even thank your sponsor, this is Hot NEWS for Us. Send it to us..
In the subject put Bandolero News.

This news update is FREE, for You the Bandolero Racing Family and Tracks. I will even set up your own Webpage with photos for Free. So what are you waiting for send us your info soon. All reports will be dated and credit to the author.

I hope you all have a great and safe New Season in Bandolero Racing...

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