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" Bandolero Nationals Points Standings "
May 21, 2003 (Latest News)

Top Ten in all Division:

1. Connor Kassik, AZ. 977, 2. John Gottsacker, TX. 861, 3. Christopher Buescher, TX. 745, 4. Kyle Mitchell, GA. 734, 5. Hoyt Richter, TX. 691, 6. Jordan Paschal, NC. 670, 7. Matthew Godley, NC. 646, 8. Justin Long, TX. 623, 9. John Lee, GA. 532, 10. Hunter Robbins, AL. 494.

Young Guns:
1. Kyle Huender, NV. 801, 2. Jonathan Chandler, GA. 767, 3. Chase Moody, GA. 715, 4. James Buescher, TX. 637, 5. Jonathan Mawhinney, NV. 628, 6. Mark Webb, TX. 461, 7. Nicholas Pope, NC. 388, 8. Jason Magagna, GA. 376, 9. Thomas "T.J." Barron, NC. 367, 10. Kirby Yeatts, TX. 367.

1. Joseph "Jody" Pilkenton, GA. 707, 2. Lisa Sackett, NC. 361, 3. Clare Smothers, NC. 191, 4. Darrell Banks, GA. 179, 5. Ricky Barbour, NC. 97, 6. Allen Stowe, NC. 93, 7. Brandon Keene, NC. 91, 8. Lane Swearinger, IA. 88, 9. Michael Hodgson, NC. 83, 10. Steve Lewis, NC. -1.

" Bandolero Nationals "
May 21, 2003 (Latest News)

Plan your summer vacation now! The 2003 Bandolero Nationals will be held at Orlando Speedworld on July 26.

" Bandolero Driver Points Updated "
May 16, 2003 (Latest News)

Concord Motorsports Park Points have been Updated
"No Race Results Available"

" Bandolero Driver Joins the Navy "
Jan. 8, 2003 (News)

I'm proud to say that, My son Gregory Hervieux, has join the U.S Navy and took the oath on January 8th of 2003. Greg raced Bandolero's in 1998 to 2000 in the Young Guns and Outlaw division. He drove the Diet Dr Pepper #50 car. He is now getting ready for the all important Boot-Camp at the Great Lakes. He has Qualified for D/C Damage Control Fire Fighting and will be third generation to do so. He is also looking into the Navy Seal program. I wish him great success in his efforts. Let the Journey Begin. A Proud Dad of a Bandolero Champion and New Generation Sailor.

PS: Greg wishes all his friends the best of luck in the new season and will drop in from time to time to watch the races he loves so much. Look for the sailor at the racing events.

" Jordan Anderson Update "
Dec 23, 2002 (News)

Jordan Anderson #10 in the Bandolero Bandits division. He just finished running his first Bandolero season. Since he began he has gained sponsors from Chick-fil-a, Leon Jones Insurance, Dick Dyer Toyota Superstore and Dick Dyer Volvo/Mecedes-Benz. He has been feature In South Carolina's biggest newspaper twice. He finished third in the Odoban Summer Shootout, third in The Winter Heat Series at Lowes, fifth at Concord Speedway, and to top it off He won the South Carolina championship while he finished 11th nationally. Merry Christmas, Jordan Anderson #10..

This is great. I'm sure we have more drivers that could tell us about there sponsors and how you did in the 2002 season, so send me Email so I can right about you. It don't cost anything but your time. You raced all season and now is the time to tell us how you did. Great job Jordan and thanks for the update on your racing and also telling us about your very important sponsors. Best of luck to you in 2003 season from Bandolero Racing News....

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