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Family Pride Racing for 2000

The Bandolero. Taking Its Place Between Karts And Cars.

Designed for entry-level racers as young as ten. It comes equipped with
a rear-mounted, air-cooled Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine that cranks
out 30 horses.

Suitable for short oval tracks and (both asphalt and dirt) as well as
road courses, the Bandolero Car is the latest addition to the 600 Racing
stable. Standard safety equipment includes an integral roll cage and a
five-point Simpson safety harness.

For half the price of a Legends car, the Bandolero Car is ready to race
and easy to haul. It's a great way to get directly involved in motorsports.

Wheelbase 70"
Overall Width 47"
Overall length 10'9" (with bumpers)
Height 34"
Engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Displacement 570 cc
Horsepower 30 HP
Weight 500 lbs.
Tires 7" x 17" spec BFGoodrich tire
Wheels (steel) width: 6" spec racing wheel
Suspension Coil over with Carrera shocks
Frame Full tubeframe with roll cage
Harness Simpson five-point

  Bandolero Legends
Length (inches) 122 126
Width (inches) 46 60
Height (inches) 36 46
Wheelbase (inches) 70 73
Track (inches) 39 54
Weight (pounds) 550 1015